Stop Wasting Your Time And Move On

Stop Wasting Your Time And Move On

Time-wasting is a very bad habit of us. We all do this, even we don’t understand when we do it. We got 86,000 seconds in a day. What we do at this time we don’t know. End of the day we remember that we wast our time again and we promise that we will never do this again. But we forget our promise and we do this again and again. All the people do this. We have to overcome it. What can we do for overcoming it? Let’s talk about –


Is it going to make my life better?

Ask a question yourself. Is it going to make my life better?. Do all the things what will make you life better. Avoid all the things what will never make you life good. So, when you are going to start doing something. Try to know the result of this. All the time use to learn something. Don’t wast by doing unuseful things.

Make A Schedule

For doing something timely and properly you can make a schedule. The schedule will help you to remember the task you have to do. If you make a schedule, you will never forget about your daily task. So, make a schedule of your whole day task.

Learn To Say No

Sometimes we waste our time for other people. Think, one of your friends comes to you and he wants to take you to a shopping mall. There is nothing good for you and even you are not learning anything about it. If you can say no. Then you will be able to save you time and you will be able to do something at that time. So, saying no is very important and try it.

Avoid Time-Wasting Habits:

Video Game

The video game is very attractive and entertaining. It is wasting our time very much and we don’t understand. Whatever we do, we have to learn something about it. If you are a person who loves to play video games. Then try to stop playing video games.

Watching Television

We all watch television. We love watching television. By watching television, we waste a huge time of our life. If you like watching television, try to give less time on it.


Internet connect us with the whole world. But it also a big reason for wasting our time. If we go to the internet, we don’t understand when our time passed. Try to use the internet for a strong reason. Otherwise, stay away from the internet.

Social Media

Social media like – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on are wasting our time very much. We all use social media for connecting with our friends and family. If you want to stop waste your time, then stop giving much time on social media.


I hope you learned how you can stop wasting your time. We at SPONAM want to share our knowledge with you all the time.

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