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How To Control Anger
How To Control Anger

Anger! We all connect with it. Every people has anger, some people become very first angry and some people become slowly angry. But, every people has anger. Anger is good some times. Most of the time it is bad. We become helpless for our anger. we can lose our friends and family for this anger. We have to control our anger for good relationships with others. If we try to control anger, then we will be able to control our anger.


Today we at SPONAM are going to discuss how can we control our anger. Let’s start —

Count Down

Count down is a good idea to control your anger immediately. When you get angry, you can count down 10 to 0. It will help you to be cooler very first. If you become very angry then start at 100 and see the results. You can’t believe the result of it. When you become very angry, try to count down.


Breathing also a very good way to control your anger in a short time. You can take a breath slowly and breath out slowly. It works like medicine. Start breathing when you become angry and control your anger very first.

Try To Know the Causes of Anger:

Find out why you become angry. What are the reasons to become angry?. If we are able to find the reason to become angry. Then we will be able to control it. Don’t try to react first when you become angry. Think about it very deeply. Is it ok to react or not. Take some time and think about it. Then you will feel that you become cooler than before. So, try to know the causes of anger and take some time to react.

Think Before Speak

Thinking before speaking is a great habit. If we think before speak, then the possibility of mistaken become less. Every people try to speak first and they love to speak. No one wants to listen nowadays. Listening is a very good habit. If you are able to listen to others, then you will be a good person to others. So, when you have to speak something, take some time and think about it. Then you can speak 100% correctly.

Think About Solution

Solution finding is art. Some people can do it. But most of the people can not do it. You have to find a solution to anger. why you become angry and what is the solution to it. If you think about the solution, then you will be able to control your anger and you will be able to convert a fight to peace.

Go For Walk

You can go for a walk if you want. Every day walking is great exercise. If you walk, you will see that you anger decrease very first. By walking your whole body will active and you will be cooler the before. For control anger, walking can be your great choice.

Express Your Anger

If you become very angry with a strong reason and you are not able to control. You don’t need to control. Express your anger. Mind it, the result about.


Exercise can make you stronger not only your body but also your mind. Exercise can make you a perfect man. You have to do exercise every day. Do some mental exercise which will help on your mind control.

Try To Forgive

Forgiving is a great virtue. If someone argues with you without any reason. If someone heart you sometimes. Please try to forgive. God loves the person who can forgive others. Even whom you forgive, oneday he/she will also love you. Try to make a habit of forgiving.


End of the discussion we can say that if we practice properly, we will be able to control our anger and it will be great for our personal lifestyle. We at SPONAM want to connect with you by this website. Stay with us.

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