Communication Skills is Power – How to Communicate How to Improve Communication Skill

Communication Skills is Power
Want to improve your communication skills?

How to Communicate – Can you talk with unknown person? Can you convince someone? Can you take a appointment in your first meet? – If your answers is no. Then your communication skill isn’t good enough. You have to develop your communication skill. Because what ever you want to do or where ever you want to go, you have to talk someone. If you communication is not that good, then you will never able to talk someone nicely. Every places you need your good communication skill for get attention.

So, we at SPONAM are going to discuss about making communication skills strong.

Make good impression: When you meet someone first time, say something good to get her concentration to you. Yes, you can say a pickup line like- hi, hello or something like flatting type word – hey! you are looking good. It depends on whom you are talking. So, making good impression is very important for communicate with someone unknown.

Understanding: With whom you are talking, you need to understand his mentality. Understanding is very important to communicate someone. Otherwise your communication will never run. So, you have to focus your communicator for understand perfectly.

Give full attention: If you are not giving attention, he/she will bored to talk with you. Then you will be avoided by them. So, you have to give them proper attention for taking long away you communication.

Show your interest: You have to show that you are interested to them. It inspire people a lots to communicate. Suppose, you are communicate with someone and he/she is not showing interest to talk with you or listen to you then what will happened? You will be bored to talk him. So, show interest to talk or listen someone.

Eye contact: Eye contact is very powerful skill. If you have it, then you are lucky. People understand you are interested or not by eye contact. A nice, soft and perfect eye contract can make you communication strong and it can go long way. When you are talking, try to maintain your eye contact properly. It cant take time to achieve eye contact skill. Believe me, if you can achieve that skill, you will be a good communicator.

Body language: Talking someone but doing unusual thing is very bad for communication. Try to improve your body language when you are talking someone. Cause people are interest to get nice and perfect feedback to you when he/she is talking to you. your body language and behavior are very important for create a good communication.

Stay one topic: Don’t chance topic again and again. Stay with one topic for get good result. Topic changing is very bad for good communication.

Speak in comfort level voice: Don’t shout or something like that. Speak in a comfort level voice. Not high or not low, you have to try make a comfort level voice. Every one like a good simple and medium voice speaker. So try to control your voice for get better result about communication.

Provide feedback: Feedback is very important for communication. People understand you are interested or not by your feedback. By getting feedback, you can improve yourself very first. Try to give positive feedback for good communication. And when you are talking, you have to focus licenser feedback and tell him what he/she want to lessen from you. It can improve you communication skill in short time.

Thank your listeners: When you communication is done. Give them thanks. It is also a good manner. It can help you, when you meet them again.

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Hope it will helps you and practice cam make you a good communicator. So keep practicing to be a good communicator. We at SPONAM want to stay close with you by this website. Thanks.



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